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Fabric Roller Blinds

roller blind It can reflect the design integrity in the simplest way that can be used both at home and at work. curtain system. Mobility is provided to roller blinds by using spring, mechanical and motorized mechanisms. Roller blinds have a system based on wrapping the fabric on an aluminum tube with a chain or spring mechanism.

spring systemthe curtain; When the rope on the skirt is pulled, it is wound upwards, and in the mechanical system, mobility is provided to the blind with the help of a chain. Skirt plate that keeps the fabric stretched; it also increases the variety by adding carved, beaded and embroidered ornaments to the skirt of the fabric. Roller blind fabrics are brought to a hardness that will make it easier to wrap them on the pipe with special finishing and they are prevented from sliding left and right. Roller blinds offer practical solutions thanks to a wide range of fabric and color options, and the plain and simple approach it brings to space decorations.

roller blindSun-permeable (polyester, linen tulle, cotton) semi-permeable (polyester, linen tulle, cotton) with unique patterns and color collectiondimout), has a wide range from blackout fabrics. Roller blinds can be used alone net curtainbehind the Sun breaker or the sunless (blackout) can also be used as Roller blinds are normal, thick and thick according to their width and the fabric used. jumbo It is produced with mechanisms and is delivered by placing it on the ceiling mounting profile in order to provide ease of assembly.

roller blind Can be mounted directly to the ceiling or to the wall with L feet. Thus, it can be moved away from the window to the desired extent, or it can be mounted on the frame and moved together with the window. Roller blind is the system that can be applied with the easiest remote control or button motor system and provides comfort and practicality where you can animate your curtain from where you are sitting. There are also cinevision screen options. Your roller blinds, which can be enriched with pictures and logos by using digital printing method, contribute to your decoration. We have a variety of roller blind flags that can be applied to special fabrics, provided that they adhere to flag standards. The roller blind is not washable. Small stains can be easily cleaned with a pencil eraser and alcohol, as the finish that makes the fabric harden has the feature to prevent dust from penetrating.

Particular care should be taken not to break the fabric. In case the roller blind fabric is very dirty or damaged for any reason, it can be renewed using the same mechanisms, only by changing the fabric.

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