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carpet from reception (entrance carpet), corridor carpets, room carpets and hotelCarpets, also known as wall-to-wall carpets, produced for special parts of the hotel are called hotel carpets.
Top of the place hotelCarpets are very important for people. Carpets play an important role in decorating large areas in the best way, especially in hotels where interior architecture has developed recently and many details play an important role. It plays an important role in the overall design and decoration of the hotel. When choosing hotel carpet models, it offers a unique elegance when it is chosen in harmony with the structure, colors and architecture of the hotel.
hotel carpetOne of the biggest features of the company is that it has a wide product range in terms of measurement sizes. For hotel carpets that exceed the fixed dimensions, the place to be laid is determined in advance and the production begins. In this way, both the design and decor for the carpet groups you want are obtained. It is possible to manufacture specially produced carpets at more affordable prices than other carpets. If you want, you can read our article on how hotel carpet prices are calculated.

Reception carpet;

Hotel Carpets are one of the first observations of the guests in the interior design at the entrance of the hotel, from the carpet groups also known as the entrance part. Depending on your request, we have a wide product group with special size or wall-to-wall carpets and carpets with patterns, colors and names that we design for you.

Hallway carpet;

Wall-to-wall models are generally not preferred in corridors to make the environment look spacious. According to the color harmony of the wall and the environment, we have a wide product group with various patterns and color options suitable for cleaning and hygiene.

room carpet;

When the carpets preferred in hotel rooms are chosen in natural tones and high in terms of hygiene, they will make the guests feel as comfortable as at home.

You can contact us to get detailed information about hotel carpets and to order.


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