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Crystal Floor Covering Hotel Carpet; In hotels, both hygiene and decorative elegance should be together in order to satisfy customers. At the same time, hotel carpets that are used against frequent washing should be carpets that do not contain stains and are easy to wash. In general, grass carpet is suitable for such environments. Of course, we are not talking about a design like football fields. We are talking about household type and models in which all the yarns used are suitable for the home environment. Especially wall-to-wall carpet models are very suitable for hotels. There is a choice for every color and it does not tire the eyes like patterned carpets.

Easy maintenance and aesthetic appearance are very important in the selection. Carpets with low maintenance costs, sound absorbing properties and easy to lay on the floor should be chosen. The new generation floor carpets are laid professionally so that there is no empty space and can be easily cleaned in the place with machines without the need to remove it from the floor. Hotel carpet, which is thermally insulated, has a very natural and hygienic structure in terms of health. Of course, when you make a choice within this framework, customer satisfaction will also be at a high level. For different color and model options crystalzemin.com You can contact the link. HotelWall-to-wall carpet models for your rooms, grass carpet models for hotel entrances and lobby are produced by our company in first class quality.

Each hotel essentials of the room; furniture, curtains and hotel carpets. The compatibility of these 3 groups with each other is very important. If you are not planning to design a niche hotel room, you can take many alternatives as an example. If you are working with an architect; You should take care that the architect is an expert in his field. The architect, who is an expert in his field, can decorate the entire hotel area as a whole.

Of course, giving importance to visual elements such as pattern and color is a necessity, but you should not ignore the technical features of the carpet while doing this.

How to Choose a Hotel Carpet?

Crystal floor in different options hotel carpet There are a few points to consider when choosing among the models, these are the usage area of the carpet, its lifetime and other technical features it has.

Choosing the carpet according to the usage area, hotel carpet This is the point you should pay attention to when choosing. Because the carpet that is not suitable for the usage area; can be quite inefficient for long-term use.

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