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Things to Know About Hotel Carpets Used in Hotels

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Hotelused in hotel carpet most of the time wall to wall carpet  preferable. Although hotel guests often do not wonder about the purpose of use of the carpet, they stay in hotels for certain reasons. wall to wall carpet is used. This carpet model is usually in our country. carpet Although known as a wall-to-wall carpet, its real name is wall-to-wall carpet. We will give you other information about the hotel in this blog.

Hotel Carpet Usage Purposes

Sound insulation


Hygienic Products

Ease of Maintenance


Carpet There are CERTAIN HEADS that need to be considered while buying. Although these criteria are valid for all carpets, a little more determinant comes into play when choosing carpets for the hotel. Since the most intensive usage areas of carpets are hotels, it is important to choose a carpet with a high yarn weight and that this carpet has antibacterial properties.

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